Use our tablet app to grow loyalty 3x faster

The Jayu tablet app is the most effective way to get new customers into your program.

Use it on any Android tablet.

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Designed for customers

The tablet app helps attract new customers to your loyalty program.

Customers see your rewards, gift cards, and more exciting reasons to join.

Get the Jayu Tablet app

Download the app

Download the Jayu Tablet app on any Android tablet.

Sign in

Sign in with your merchant account on the tablet app.

Display your tablet

Place your tablet where it’s easy for your customers to use.

Don’t have a tablet? Use ours

Sign up new customers fast

Customers simply enter their phone number to join your program.

They’re added to your customer list and can start receiving messages from your business.

Distributing points to customers

Every time customers check in on your tablet they get reward points.

  • Give points based on the purchase amount. E.g. 1 point for every $1.00 spent.
  • Or give a set amount of points for each check in. E.g. 1 point for each visit.

Get employees to sign up new customers

Your cashiers can sign in on your tablet to track new customers they sign up.

An excellent way to motivate your employees to grow loyal customers.

Marketing your loyalty program is key

Loyal customers spend more and send more customer referrals.

Use Jayu to inspire every new customer to become loyal to your business.

Start today

Don’t have a tablet? Get ours.

Order the Jayu Tablet kit for an out of the box loyalty solution.

  • Android tablet
  • Rotating stand

  • Charging cable

  • Security cable

* The tablet kit can be optionally purchased for $299 during the sign up process.

Customer loyalty can be hard.

Let us help get it off the ground.
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