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Showcase your brand to the world. Grow a community of customers through your loyalty page.

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Increase your business’s popularity

Post content on the Jayu app to increase customer engagement.

Start turning your social following into real customers.

Get customers faster with a digital link

Share your link anywhere to send people to your loyalty page.

Add your link to promotions to track clicks to paying customers.

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Communicate to grow your brand

Regularly post and send notifications to keep customers viewing your page and staying excited about your business.

Give customers more ways to reach you

Message customers in real-time.

Handle concerns, orders, or anything that needs to be addressed by your customer.

Get on your customer’s phone

Customers check your page for specials, events, and to interact with others.

The more they see your page, the more likely they’ll revisit.

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Accelerate growth with promotions

Link your promotions to your loyalty program to convert new customers into repeat customers.

Track your best specials and conversions with promotion data.

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