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Freely manage customer engagement and retention with Jayu. The best tool to grow long term customers.

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Easily manage your program

Access your web portal from any device. Update your promotions and rewards instantly.

View customer data and activity in real-time.

Build your loyal customer database

Understand your customers more as loyalty sign ups increase.

Gain insights on your customers to continually improve your retention.

Easy to update rewards

Add or update a reward at anytime based on the needs of your business.

Access your rewards on your web portal from any device.

Multiple ways to give points to customers

Jayu is flexible for any business type. Decide the best way to give customers reward points.


Use any tablet with Jayu to give customers points.

Web portal

Sign into your web portal on any device to give points.

Jayu app

Give points from the Jayu app as a business owner.


Employees can give points to customers with Jayu.

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Get customers with a loyalty page

use a QR code or digital link to sign up new customers on your loyalty page.

Advertise promotions or events to keep customers aware of your business.

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Motivate employees to sign up loyal customers

Employees can signup new members and give out reward points with Jayu. Track all signups and points given.

The complete customer loyalty solution


Motivate customers to buy, make referrals, and more.

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Retention Marketing

Use Jayu to attract and grow customers long term.

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Free gift cards

We give customers free gift cards just for using Jayu.

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Use one of Jayu’s 5 promo tools to grow faster.

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Customer Data

See what rewards and marketing efforts work best.

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Customer Community

Customers socially interact through your loyalty app.

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Active programs are most successful

Keeping up with your customer loyalty and engagement is key to strong customer retention.

Jayu makes this easier to handle.