The loyalty program for local businesses

Customer retention tools should not be frustrating. Use Jayu to manage growing customers with ease.

Your rewards program

Motivate customers to come back with point-based rewards

Offer rewards for points (e.g. Free drink for 5 pts)

Give customers points after each purchase

Customers claim rewards by spending points

Message your customers

The key to returning customers is smart, repetitive messaging. Use Jayu to deliver the right messages, in the right way.

SMS texting

Message customers on their phone where they are likely to read it

App notifications

Mobile notifications have a 90% read rate and free to send out


Send newsletters, specials, and promotions to customers

Automated marketing

Continually message customers at the right time so they don’t forget to come back.

Choose a customer action to trigger your automation

Choose how long to wait to send messages

Send as many messages over time as needed

Let your automation work for you in the background

Tools to accelerate customer retention

We made it easier to attract new customers to your retention program, and easier to keep them coming back.

Signup offers

Get more new customers to join your program by offering a special for signing up. This can be the extra push customers need to become a returning customer.

Referral rewards

Increase word of mouth referrals. Give customers rewards for referring others. Referrals only count when new customers purchase AND join your retention program.

Birthday specials

Customers love birthday deals. Offer a special to any new or current customer to motivate them to visit your business during their birthday week.

Happy hours

Give extra points to boost customer traffic during certain days and times. A great way to remind customers about your business on a weekly basis.

Trusted by local businesses

“We brought back first time buyers twice as fast with Jayu. Our customers loved how easy it was to use.”

Michael from Sharetea | San Diego, CA

Start today

Reach out to see if Jayu is a good fit. We’ll respond within a few minutes.

We help with cash back

The more rewarding the experience, the more likely customers return.

That’s why we give each customer cashback every time they visit ♥️

Discover customer data

Watch your returning customers grow as they’re regularly reminded to come back.

Modify or add to your retention program anytime in your web portal.

Promotional offers

Create promotional offers that attracts customers to your business.

Schedule start and end dates to plan promotions in advance

Send notifications to tell customers about new offers

Promotions are visible on your app page to remind customers to visit

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