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The only program that gives cash back to your customers. Easy to manage and made for local business owners.

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Everything you need for customer retention.
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Rewards program
Easier rewards. More customers.

Retention marketing
Turn new customers into loyal customers.

SMS & email messaging
Keep customers thinking about you.

Referral program
Word of mouth is powerful marketing.

Customer data
Gain insightful trends on your customers.

How it works

We give customers cash back

When you give customers points, we give them cash back. Proven to get them coming back more often.

We’re more than a loyalty platform. We’re partners.

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Sign up more loyal customers

Use the Jayu tablet app to make it easy to market your loyalty program and provide opportunities for your customers to become loyal.

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Marketing for long term customers

  • Automated marketing

  • Scheduled promotions

  • Birthday rewards
  • QR codes

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Retain more customers with a mobile app

Large businesses use loyalty apps to keep customers engaged. Use Jayu to connect with your customers in the same way.

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Get a community of customers

Customers can connect through your brand with Jayu. Grow more devoted customers through word of mouth.

Posting content

Loyalty members

Customer messaging

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“Jayu is great engagement and excitement for our customers. They love to use it and it shows in repeat visits.”

Michael | Sharetea
San Diego, CA

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