Privacy Policy

Who we are

Jayu operates a digital Rewards Program service as a platform for participating businesses.

Your privacy

Jayu respects your right to privacy. Jayu will not sell or make your personal information available to third parties without your consent. Third parties are defined as any party outside the scope of Jayu’s program; those who are not considered Jayu users; or those who are not considered participants of Jayu. Merchants who participate with Jayu may have access to personal information provided by you. Jayu does not access, retrieve, obtain, or gather any personal information, stored on your device or otherwise, without your consent. Jayu may collect device information such as device type/model, name, unique device identifiers, and network information for the purpose of Jayu-related services. All personal information Jayu and participating merchants use is willingly provided by end users.


Statistical/non-personal information may be available to Jayu related third parties. These third parties may include, but are not limited to, contracted organizations associated with Jayu (database administrators, developers, etc.); for educational purposes, marketing, ad placement, analytics, development, and any other reason or purpose Jayu may deem necessary. Jayu may use all data provided by all users as deemed fit.

Personal data and Statistical data

Information collected by Jayu may be personal or statistical. Personal information may include contact information, email address, birth-date, gender, and participating Jayu location(s) visited. Statistical data may include personal information, locations, frequency of visits per Jayu participating merchants, rewards redeemed, age, in addition to general demographics and analytics.

What we do with your data

Jayu and participating merchants may use your provided personal data and statistical data, collected through Jayu, for promotional offers, analytics, marketing, and to improve our services. Jayu can obtain a user’s information when their account is created, through (Jayu’s) surveys and questionnaires, or when Jayu’s services are used. Some features of Jayu are contingent upon location (location-based services). Depending on merchants, they may be able to send promotional offers, notifications, or messages to consumers within range.

Parties that access users’ data will use it for business related analytics. Data is stored indefinitely. Data is stored and updated in real time. Merchants can view data pertaining to their Jayu Beacon(s). Any accessible information not pertaining to their Jayu Beacon is statistical data. Some examples of the types of data a merchant can view pertaining to their Jayu Beacon(s) are: reward points, number of visits, timestamps of visits, rewards redeemed, the name of the account, emails, comments submitted via Jayu app, etc. This can be an overall general view (data as a whole), or data of a specific account.

How Jayu obtains data

All location tracking is based solely from merchants participating with Jayu. Jayu does not monitor your real-time location, but rather the Jayu locations you visit. Tracking occurs only when your device (installed with Jayu) communicates with a merchant’s Jayu Beacon. For example if you visit store “A”, “B”, and “C”, Jayu’s database will show that you have visited store “A”, “B”, and “C” to keep track of your points earned.  Jayu may also retrieve statistical data. All data retrieved will be in the scope of Jayu’s services.

Merchant communication

Merchants may or may not contact users via email, push notification, text, or within the Jayu app. Merchants agree to only communicate messages for sales, discounts, marketing, or promotional purposes, and the like; communication is limited to business related purposes. All merchants participating with Jayu will agree not to share personal information to third parties.

Identify Jayu locations

Users can identify a Jayu participating location by a visual beacon, the Jayu logo, poster, sticker (etc.), or a notification on the user’s phone, when within range of a Jayu Beacon. A participating merchant may or may not advertise Jayu services.

Account deletion

If you choose to delete your account, your account data may still be stored within Jayu’s database. Should you choose to reactivate your account, your data may be reinstated. Your account data may still be used for analytical purposes. If ownership of Jayu changes, the new owner should notify current Jayu users with their terms and conditions. Data within Jayu will be owned and managed by the new owners.


Transmission – Data transfers from your device to Jayu’s database occurs through your device’s network provider. Jayu is not involved in how your device connects to the internet. Jayu cannot guarantee that your information will not be intercepted.

Stored (on user’s device) – Your information and (Jayu Services) history on your device is protected by the password you create. It is your discretion to logout when you deem necessary. Jayu has no relation or control over who has access to your device.

Stored (database) – Jayu puts 100% effort into the security of user account information, but cannot guarantee against risk of loss or risk of breach. Information transferred through Jayu’s app utilizes Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption.

Prevent Jayu from accessing your information

If a consumer does not want Jayu to obtain their information, the consumer should not create a Jayu account nor use any service(s) provided by Jayu. By using Jayu services and voluntarily providing information, you consent to Jayu’s Privacy Statement. Jayu’s Privacy Statement applies to Jayu’s website and other Jayu related products where applicable.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]