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Jayu is your modern day stamp card. Just as simple but built for today’s customers.

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Choose a popular item as a reward for returning customers.

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Set how many points are needed to claim rewards.

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Customers use their phone number to get points.

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1. Advertise your program

Sign up new customers with their phone number using the Jayu app on a tablet.

The more customers are aware of your program, the more retention and referrals.

Don’t have a tablet? Use ours

2. Give customers points

Give a default amount of points per visit. Or give points based on purchase amount.

All members can receive SMS/push messages and can view your promotions.

3. Claiming rewards

Redeemed rewards are shown to your cashier – just like coupons.

Spent points are automatically subtracted from their point balance.

Claimed rewards are tracked on your dashboard.

Customers love cash back

We directly reward customers with cash back every time they use Jayu at your business.

More visits

Customers get cash back for each visit to your business.

More referrals

Customers get cash back for each referral to your business.

Free gift cards

Customers claim cash through gift cards in the Jayu app.

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Your loyalty marketing page

Signing up automatically creates a marketing page for your business in Jayu’s app.

Think of this as your loyalty’s profile page for potential customers to check you out.

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Jayu marketing tools

Use any of Jayu’s many marketing tools to reach customers through SMS, push messages, and your loyalty app.

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Manage customer growth

See what’s happening in real-time. Track visits, promotions, referrals, and more.

Easily manage your rewards and promotions from your web portal.

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