Step #1
Get customers to remember you

Don’t wait for them to remember you, remind them.
Jayu makes this easy.

Only 18% of business owners have time to focus on customer retention.

It’s hard to reach each customer with the right message, at the right time.
Let Jayu do the grunt work of your customer retention.

Receive your retention plan

After our first call you’ll get a retention plan that Jayu can run for you

Enroll new customers daily

Customers enter their phone number into your Jayu tablet to sign up.

Automated customer outreach

Customers are regularly reached at the right time, with the right message

1. Review your custom plan

We’ll build a customer retention plan based on your business.

Jayu will host and run your retention strategy 24/7. You can modify your plan at will.

Retention plan examples

Reclaim lost customers

Start a series of messages for each customer who hasn’t returned in a while. Can increase retention rates by up to 60%.

Weekly reminders

Remind customers to come back during a slow time period. Keep customers remembering your business.

Mobile app page

Increase brand awareness by letting customers interact on your loyalty page. Get organic brand ambassadors.

Referral program

Give customers rewards for referring others to increase word of mouth growth. The most powerful form of marketing.

2. Enroll new customers

Place your Jayu tablet close to your PoS to sign up new customers after their purchase.

The tablet only takes 5 seconds to capture contact information needed to reach your customers.

3. Automate your outreach

Reminding customers regularly about your business is the key to success.

Jayu will automatically reach out to your customers in a number of ways to get them to return.

App notifications

SMS texts


How do rewards work?

Your customers see Jayu as a point-based rewards program. They continually visit your business to get rewards later on.

Offering rewards

We list your reward and the number of points needed to claim it.

Giving reward points

Points are given every time a phone number is entered in your tablet

Claiming rewards

Customers claim rewards in exchange for their points

Your loyalty app

Advertise your business to your customer’s phones. Customers can view and engage with your business through your loyalty app.

Modify your program as needed

Watch your returning customers grow as they’re regularly reminded to come back.

Modify or add to your retention program anytime in your web portal.

We pay customers to come back

The more rewarding the experience, the more likely your customers will return.

That’s why we give each customer cashback when they come back or make referrals.

Customers love cashback ♥️

Enterprise level tools for your business

Message customers through SMS, app notifications, or email

Create automated messages to send to your customers

QR codes and digital links to easily sign up new customers

5 promotion tools to motivate customers

Start today

Reach out to see if Jayu is a good fit. We’ll respond within a few minutes.

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